Internet Policy

Wiltshire County Scout Council (Wiltshire Scouts) have a website hosted with Cloud Heroes. The website is hosted on servers in the United Kingdom.

You can contact the webmaster at any time by emailing

The website is designed, updated and supported by volunteers on behalf of Wiltshire Scouts.

Group Websites

Groups are able to apply for a sub-website through the webmaster at any time. Groups must apply through their Group Scout Leader or Executive Committee.

Groups will be responsible for the content and upkeep of their website however technical aspects will be handled by the webmaster.


Use of Email by leaders and supporters is encouraged where such use supports the goals and objectives of the Scouts.

Members are encouraged to apply for an email address from the webmaster to use for Scouting. Email addresses are supplied based on your name: e.g.

You may additionally apply for a role based mailbox: e.g. –