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Internet Policy

The Wiltshire County Scouts have a website based with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) called 1&1. It’s web address is The Webmaster is Graham Belsten, and the Technical Manager is Andrew Eastland. The site is designed, updated and supported on behalf of Wiltshire County Scouts.


Use of Email and Electronic Messaging by Leaders and Support members is encouraged where such use supports the goals and objectives of the Scout Assosiation.

We appreciate we can not police or control our members use of Email and electronic messaging but request the following Guideline is followed.

Insulting or abusive messages are not acceptable.

We advise members NOT to reply to such messages but to retain a copy in case it is required for legal purposes.

Web pages


  1. Every Group in Wiltshire is encouraged to supply content (information, pictures etc.,) , which is then coded by the Webmaster and prepared for the web site. The Technical Manager arranges the space, and access agreements for these pages.
  2. Group or District representatives can either supply the content to the Webmaster, or if they are suitably skilled, be allowed access to update their own site.
  3. All information must be checked to comply with national Scout Association guidelines and any County instructions. The supplied web pages will be checked for relevant Scouting content on a regular basis. Please bear in mind that the web pages are likely to be read by people from another culture. We should try and ensure that the content could not be misinterpreted and cause offence.
  4. Websites already constructed for Scouting purposes within Wiltshire, but OUTSIDE the County website, should be encouraged to be a unique part of the County Domain website.
  5. The space provided for web pages must only be used for Scouting issues at Group, District or County level. Using the space to store non-Scouting files or hosting a non-Scouting website is forbidden.


Personal Details


  1. The County website currently holds name and e-mail information on a number of people.
  2. For Leaders and helpers, names and e-mail addresses are the preferred option.
  3. Address and phone numbers are discouraged, but can be published if a waiver is signed. These forms will be kept by the Webmaster for record and data protection purposes.
  4. We must be aware that we need to protect the young people under our care. At no time should names and addresses of our young people be published.
  5. Any information that can positively identify their address is forbidden.
  6. Care must be taken when supplying photographs or stories, so that personal information is ambiguous.
  7. You must take care when submitting photographs, so that the content could not be construed as salacious or can be misinterpreted.
  8. Care must be taken when publishing details of times, dates and meeting places – do not go into too much detail if you feel young people may be at risk because constant supervision might be difficult.


E-Mail addresses.


  1. All Scouters are encouraged to apply to the Technical Manager for this facility if you have internet access. This can be done through our Members Website.
  2. Mail sent to your Scout address will be forwarded to your current or preferred e-mail address.
  3. As more and more of the Group, District and County come ‘on-line’, the process of sharing information should become quick and easy.