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8 October 2018


Nominations are now needed for the role of District Commissioner for North East Wiltshire;  

This District centres around the Marlborough area and is a rural area from Tidworth in the South to Aldbourne in the North.

 The County Commissioner has asked us to start the search.

  • We need YOU to tell us who you think will be an asset in this interesting and sometimes challenging role.
  • The suggested person need not be an active member of the movement at this time.
  • The person does not need to live within the District, but will be expected to travel into the District for meetings etc.


  • Please do not tell the person that you are nominating him/her. The County Commissioner will contact them and tell them that they have been nominated prior to interviews, (unless we have a number of suggested names then we may need to short list)
  • You may nominate yourself.
  • The County Commissioner will make the final choice, neither I nor Roger will be involved in the decision.
  • The role description may be viewed on the Scout website.



  • Feel free to email either Roger or myself if you wish to ask any questions

Please email your suggestions/nominations to me, gerald.russell@wiltshirescouts.org.uk .

Or    roger.reeves@wiltshirescouts.org.uk

 The closing date for nominations is Friday 26th October 2018.

Gerald Russell,

 County Appointments Secretary.