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Youth Gathering Update!

26 February 2014

We are writing to inform you of our intention to postpone the Wiltshire Scouts Youth Gathering event scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of March.

The decision to do this was made yesterday, after consultation with the County Executive. Participants who have signed up for the original date have either already been informed, or in the case of those who have recently sent applications it will be done tomorrow.

The main reason for the decision to postpone the event is the low number of young people currently signed up. After listening to feedback from DESCs/ ESLs and Network members, this is probably because either, the message has not yet reached the Young People we want to recruit for this event, or the purpose of the event was not explained in the right way.

When 5 minutes was spent explaining the concept to the Jamboree Unit (a group with an even spread of age, sex and geographical location), 11 out of 27 said it would be something they would have interest in taking part.  The ideas behind the event are popular; we just need to express them clearly to the right audience.


Our intention is to review the process and then re-launch the event. We’ve found that face to face discussion is far more effective than just posters and application forms, so we’re aiming to take the message directly to as many of the Young People as possible. We’d welcome your help in doing this, as well as any further feedback. This can either be emailed directly to us, or through District Commissioners or other members of the County Team.


Vision 2018 sees scouting in the future to be shaped by young people in partnership with adults. We’re looking forward to a winning partnership as we move youth participation forward in Wiltshire!

Kind regards,


The Youth Participation Team