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27 May 2013
Given half the chance we know you’d wax lyrical about Scouting – but what if words were precious and you could only choose three…what would they be?


Our Chief Scout Bear Grylls was asked and this is what he said. The Scout Association would like you to tell us exactly what Scouting means to you, in a trio of words. Here’s how:
      • Record a video – no longer than 10 seconds – with your three words. Be innovative: you could hold up signs, act out your words or get your Scout Group to shout them out. For video-making top tips click here.
      • We realise this is a request that depends on you have some techie kit but we don’t mind how you create a video just so long as it’s short, clear (visually and sound-wise) and heartfelt. It could be done on your phone, via your laptop camera or handheld camera. Upload it to Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Viddy, YouTube: any channel you like – and share it with us on Twitter using the hashtag #Scoutingin3 or post it on our Facebook wall.
      • The only other thing we want you to do is tell other UK Scouting members to get involved!

 Our #Scoutingin3

a collation from our County

      • Olwen our County commissioner says – Try something New!
      • Graham our Webmaster says – Lovely people together!
      – if you would like to add yours contact the webmaster here