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PL’s Workshop

12 March 2013


Scouts from Wiltshire North, Wiltshire West and Swindon Ridgeway Districts joined up to take part in the Patrol Leader’s workshop held at the Wiltshire Scouts HQ in Potterne Wick over the week-end of 2nd & 3rd March 2013. In total 40 PLs, APLs and aspiring PLs took part in this very successful weekend.

The week-end was based around two key objectives:

  1. To learn about leadership as it applies to being a Patrol Leader;
  2. To refresh and expand on key skills that a Patrol Leader needs to know.

The event started at 9:15 on the 2nd, when attendees were mixed into 6 patrols for the week-end, and they carried out a task intended to be an “Ice Breaker” to get to know the Scouts in their patrol.

This was followed by a classroom introduction to Leadership, and how it applies to the Scouts, including an example of how it can go wrong. The next 6 hours were spent taking on 7 challenges in turn, where each member of the patrol took the role of PL, APL and observer. At the end of each challenge there was a 15 minute review of how the task went, and how that patrol had operated.

Towards the end of the day a group “brainstorm” took place to identify the responsibilities of a PL, APL, Leader and Scout. The day ended with dinner and a film show.

Sunday morning began with flagbreak and a short talk on the 5 skills sessions being covered that day, followed by a prayer for the environment.

The skills available:

  • Camp Set up
  • Menu Planning / Camp cooking
  • Emergency Aid
  • Knots and Lashings
  • Adventurous activities – Duke of Edinburgh scheme
  • Map, compass and GPS
  • Outdoor equipment and clothing
  • Edible flora and fungi
  • Running game and activities


The week-end closed with the patrols meeting up once more to give feedback on the highlights and possible improvements that could be made for a further run of the workshop for other Scouts. The feedback was very positive, and we will look at running the workshop again later in the year.



Event Organisers: Mike Neal, Phil Clarke, Stuart Bath, Brian Fitchett, with grateful thanks to all who helped over the week-end.